At Reservoir, we know that all children – like their parents – have their own set of unique strengths and weaknesses.  Some kids excel at art, but struggle with reading; others love history, but struggle with numbers.  These differences are what make each of us unique, but sometimes they can lead to challenges in school.  We call these learning differences.  

We also know that these differences extend to kids' and teens’ social and emotional adjustment as well.  We see these differences in the many children and adolescents we work with – both at The Lab School, and from the greater metropolitan DC area.  Some kids bounce back from frustration quickly, while others may have a harder time.  For some kids and adolescents, they may feel anxious before a test or a performance; for others, managing their anxiety is a daily struggle to get through the day.  

Our clinical psychologists and clinical social workers have years of experience helping kids and adolescents understand their own emotional strengths and weaknesses, and develop strategies and coping skills to manage them successfully.  In addition to our work at The Lab School, our clients attend public schools, independent schools, and charter schools across the region.  They may struggle with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, social difficulties, or communicating effectively.  They may have difficulty managing their emotions, or relating with their family members.  Regardless of their particular challenges, we know that each of our clients possess strengths – islands of competence – that they can harness, with the right support.  

Our goal is to identify the unique strengths of every client we work with, and use these assets to help them better understand themselves, and to develop strategies that work.  That is the Reservoir difference.

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