Our Services

For Lab School Students

It isn’t easy to be the child who thinks and learns differently.  Learning differences impact students beyond the academic arena, however; they affect social, emotional, and behavioral functioning as well.  Just as our teachers provide for students’ individual learning needs in the classroom, we are here to address their social and emotional needs.  


Our clinical staff helps foster the emotional development of students in a number of ways.  Each division has a social worker whose primary responsibility is to support the students’ social and emotional needs.  This may involve helping students to build social skills in the classroom or on the playground; teaching mindfulness skills; being an empathic person to turn to in times of stress; resolving misunderstandings between friends; or teaching them stress-management skills. Lab’s social workers provide our students with the tools needed to advocate for themselves, to express themselves, and to develop emotionally just as they are developing academically in the classroom.  


Our social workers are also adept at identifying when students require more intensive support.  Learning differences are challenging, and students may experience frustration, anxiety, stress, or low self-esteem, all of which can impact school functioning.  Our social workers are able to identify when these problems arise and ensure that students get the support they need. Our clinical team provides individual psychotherapy and group psychotherapy for Lab School students as a related service.  We offer cognitive-behavioral therapy; social skills therapy groups; as well as psychotherapy to address a range of emotional and behavioral issues that impact our students, including anxiety, low self-esteem, and depression.  


Psychological services are available to all Lab School students.  Please contact your division’s social worker, or Dr. Doug Fagen, The Head of the Psychological Services Department, to find out more about what services are available.  

Junior High Division Social Worker, Kenley Johnston, LGSW

kenley.johnston@labschool.org; 202 349 8633


High School Division Social Worker, Morgan Ritacco, LICSW:

morgan.ritacco@labschool.org; 202 349 8625


Head of Psychological Services Department, Doug Fagen, PhD: 

doug.fagen@labschool.org; 202 944 3071